Watch this few minute video to guide you throgh the process.





F. A. Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I upload my own artwork for designing a custom product?
Yes. Upload your artwork in either eps, jpg... and should be at a high resolution (ideally 300 dpi). You must also agree to the terms and copyright agreement when uploading your artwork.

Will you design my product for me?
Yes. If you find our “Design Your Own” module a little too time consuming then send us a design request and we will send you a proof within about 24 hours.
For Custom Design Banner CLICK HERE

How are your prices calculated?
The prices are based on the size of the banners or for the other products it is  on the quantity, type and color of a product. We do offer large quantity discounts.

What types of products are available for customization?
We sell everything from banners, flags, bags to  t-shirts, jackets and sweatshirts for adults, ladies and youth.


Production Time


Is there a minimum number of products I have to order?

What forms of payment are accepted?
PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Amex, and Discover.

Are there quantity discounts?

How can I check on my order?
By going to the “Where is my Order?” page on the footer of the website.

How secure is my information with the website?
Rest assured, our website is secured with the most sophisticated SSL technology.  All of your payment information is not retained on our
server but with our processor which has one of the highest security levels available.


Help File

Welcome to Teamsbanner “Design You Own” Module

Our online designer is a very powerful  and complex design tool. We have created cool design templates for you to start with and edit. 
The best way to create quick and easy design for your team is to find one of our templates that closest fits your teams colors and
name holder (images under or around each name.

Example Templates: Select a template that best works for your team or one of the start from scratch products.  You can click on any image to
enlarge and then click on “Click Here to Customized This Design”.  This will transfer you to main template page.  Once there you need to click
on the “You can customize this product.”  This will open the designer and please be patience due to it may take a few extra moments to open.

ZOOM In / Out:


  • To zoom in, increasing the size, press and hold Ctrl while pressing +.

  • To zoom out, decreasing the size, press and hold Ctrl while pressing -.

  • To reset size back to normal, press and hold Ctrl while pressing 0.


If your mouse has a scroll wheel, press and hold Ctrl while scrolling up to zoom in and down to zoom out.

Layers: All of the editable items are in their own layer. You can see the list of the layers on the bottom right of your designer screen.
You can click on any layer to bring it in the properties screen or what works better is to just click on the item you would like to edit. 
Once you click on the item it will bring that layer into the property section.

Edit Text: Once you have the a text layer open in the properties box you can change font, color, outline color, angle, size and position.
To change the actually change the text click the  “ Edit Text” link. It will open a box where you can change the texted as needed.  
After you edit you text in the box MAKE SURE you click CHANGE TEXT to save your changes.

Change font: This is where you scroll down and choose the font you would like. As you click on a certain font it will show on the
text on the banner. Keep changing fonts until you have chosen the one you like.

Font size: You can scroll to your right and make the font bigger or scroll to the left for the font to get smaller.

Pick a new color: Located under the font change box you can change the main color of your font click on any of the 90 colors available
or click the slider to create your own. SPECIAL NOTE: Actual printed colors may be different than you are viewing on your monitor.


Backgrounds : We have two types of templates.  One type include the static background with the design. You will see white space at the
top and bottom of the design screen with this type of template.  The
other type of template includes a background where you can change the color of the background.  This type of template will show the
background in the entire designer window.

Add Images / Clip Art: Click on the “Add Images” button then click “Add Printing Images” tab. You will now be able to choose from your
images “My Images” folder which you may have already uploaded or can
upload at this time by clicking on the browse button and upload the image from your computer.  “Stock Images” are images from vendors
that work with teams banner and supply graphics / clip art at a small fee. Include in our store are images from Teamsbanners that are
for you to use at no extra charge.  You can scroll through the different folders or type in the search box what you are looking for.  

Add Text:  Click the “Add Text” button then click the “Add Printing Text” tab.  A dialog box will appear to enter your text into.  After you have
added the needed text then click the“Add Text” link.  You now can go into the properties window to edit the font, color, size and position of the new text.

Align: Mouse click or select the layer you would like to align.  In the properties box on the left side you can align the item to the center of
the design vertically, horizontally or both.

Move & Copy: Once the clipart or text is on your banner you can mouse click the image and drag it to where you want it. To copy the image
click on it to select it then clip the copy tab at the top of designer window
then click the paste tab.  You can repeat the paste tab if extra copies are needed.

Delete : To delete any text or image on your design just mouse click on the text or image art you do not wish to have on your banner. After
selecting clip art or text, etc. and click on the delete button on your keyboard.
NOTE: Some background images are complete and cannot be altered. You may choose another background at any time.


After your design is complete:

            Request A Quote:  Your current price will be displayed above the “Add To Cart” button but is you need something special with you
product then you can click the “Request a Quote” button.  Complete the
information that is needed.  A representative will submit pricing back to you within 6 business hours of your request.

            Save Layout:  By clicking “Save Layout” you will be able to save you design to come back at a later time to log into your account and
make additional changes to your design or order.

            Email Design: By clicking ”Email Design” you will be able to send a proof of your team’s design to other members of the team for their input.


Complete Your Order

Special note: If you already have an account for Teamsbanner you will still need to create another account for the Design Your Own Module.

Add to cart: Click the add to cart button.  The Design Studio will save your design and you can now “Check Our” , “Design Another”, or “Go Back” to your current design.


Check Out: Once you click the checkout button you will be in the checkout process.  Next you can choose your payment method of payment
(Paypal or Other).  Enter your billing information and tick the box at the
bottom if you have different shipping address.

Select Your Banner Finishing if your ordering a banner. Click all that apply at no extra charge

    Grommet Holes to Hang on Backstop or Fence> Mostly for baseball or softball

    Pole Pockets Stand - To display on a stand> Mostly for soccer or football

    Pole Pocket Parade - To add Parade Pole through top only> Mostly for all sports of you have a parade


 Read our “Return Policy” and click the box that you agree with it.

Select shipping method from the drop down.  If you need your banner fast please click on “Shipping Times” link to the left of the shipping  options.

Add any comments you would like the order department to see.

Proceed to Payment Method

Select your payment method from the drop down box

If you choose “credit card” please enter your credit card information in the fields below.

If you choose “check or phone”  please complete your order and you will receive an email as to how contact us.

Click “Proceed to check order information”


If everything looks good click “Complete my order”

You will receive a confirmation and receipt in your email.  You will also receive an email when your order goes into production and another when it ships.